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Nano Update

So with thousands of other writers around the world, I took the plunge this November and entered my first Nanowrimo.  I never expected to win, between work and getting ready for my first real winter I knew it was a long shot.  As I said in my previous post, I had stopped writing all together.  Nanowrimo was going to be my kick in the ass to start writing again.

Before I moved my main character popped into my head.  I had never thought of writing YA, but this character and her world wouldn’t get out of my head.  I started researching various mythologies and a loose outline appeared, but it wasn’t enough to get me to sit down at my computer and actually work on it.  As October grew closer, Twitter was abuzz with Nano preparation and I decided what the heck.  What did I have to lose?

Did I win Nano?  Technically no, I did not hit 50K words.  I consider my 22,321 words a win though, since I did get back into writing.  Not only did I start writing again, but I broke through previous writing goals like it was nothing.  I spent most of my time in Dr. Wicked’s Write or Die and realized that I need that pressure that Write or Die gives you to actually get a story out.  I didn’t have a real outline going into it and still don’t.  I know how it begins, and I think I know how it ends.  I’ve never really been a pantser, but I am starting to realize that I really enjoy going off on weird tangents and learning more about my characters while traveling away from the main storyline.

The most important part of this experience is that I’ve reignited the joy of writing my own stories again.

How did everyone else do on their Nano projects?



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